Area Wellness


on the terrace with panoramic mountain views, our 6-person hot tub allows you to relax and pamper themselves with massage benefits of water, breathing in the fresh mountain air fragrance.

Path Showers

a walk through different types of showers, tropical shower and cold fog enjoying the essences and colors chromotherapy. Between that will relax you.

Turkish bath:

steam bath 45 ° -48 ° C. This bath offers a pleasant combination of radiant heat and steam. The heat radiated from the benches and walls increases body temperature, thereby enhancing the immune system, while enjoying a beneficial steam bath. Indicated for improving the respiratory system, it favors regulating the pH, hydration and skin cleansing. With the addition of natural essences mixed with steam you get a pleasant and beneficial aromatic bath.
Use: for staying in the turkish bath indulge in at least half an hour.
Warnings: People suffering from cardiovascular disorders should avoid practicing turkish bath

Sauna Overview:

bagno secco 80°-110°C. L'alta temperatura ha come effetto più evidente la sudorazione meccanismo naturale che ha la funzione di regolare la temperatura corporea, mantenendola il più possibile close to 37 ° C. The increase of the body temperature has beneficial effects on the musculature, which relaxes and decreases its voltage. They are eliminated through sweat and water, increasing the activity of the sebaceous glands, toxic substances. The dry climate of the sauna is also indicated for chronic rheumatism and arthrosis. Use: for a correct use of the Finnish Sauna recommend you follow these simple guidelines: take a shower before entering the sauna, bring along a towel to lie down. Sweat for 10-15 minutes and cool off after taking a shower. Finally, rest and relaxation. Repeat the cycle for once or twice, depending on the physical conditions and personal taste. Replenish fluid loss with taking drinks or juices. Warnings: sauna, like other practices based on thermal stress is not recommended for those suffering from heart ailments, to hypertensive and in cases of arteriosclerosis, colds, sinusitis or flu.

Zone Relax

designed to enjoy moments of rest, letting the mind relax and your body to relax.

Herb Tea zone

a dedicated area to rehydrate and benefit from the infusion of herbs, the basis of wealth.


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